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  • Drop Jig

    The centerpiece of our tungsten series is your new bread-and-butter jig. It’s available in five sizes; some tiny, some big enough to bulk up with multiple maggots, waxies or buggy...
  • Drop XL

    Same jig. Bigger, wider-gaped hook. When the Drop pounded onto the scene, the ice fishing world fell in love with it. You already know the tungsten craftsmanship, killer colors and...
  • Drop XXL

    The Drop Jig XXL weighs in at a full 1/8 oz. but comes with a compact 7 mm tungsten body. It features an XXL #4 Hook - “Two Hook Sizes...
  • Genz Drop-Kick

    The DROP-KICK TM, was designed by Mr. Dave Genz to be the perfect cadence jig. It features a 90-degree XL hook with a larger tie-eye, stronger wire and increased hook gap...
    From $4.39
  • Blade Jig

    We take the same body as the Blade Spoon and mold it onto a fixed single hook. Simply put, it makes a fabulous dead-stick weapon. Bait it up with a...
  • Leech Flutter Spoon

    The new Glow Leech Flutter Spoon from CPT has the same unique shape that falls and tumbles back-and-forth as the original Leech Flutter Spoon. Now in high-vis Glow and UV...
    From $5.49
  • Blade Spoon

    Cover a swath of horizontal territory with the water-slicing, random-fluttering Blade Spoon. The secret is the flat, rhombic-triangle front which slices through the water on the upward snap, then contributes...
  • Rattlin’ Blade Spoon

    Don’t just hope a fish notices your presentation. Make ‘em notice with the loudest lure you can drop through a hole. The same slicing, fluttering action of the original Blade...
    From $5.29
  • Pinhead Jigging Mino

    The Pinhead Jigging Mino is a sleek slab spoon designed to get back down to the school fast. Has the perfect injured minnow profile that dances in place when jigged....
    From $4.99
  • Maki Spiiki Soft Plastics

    This one is as simple as a screwdriver, but it far more versatile. Nip hook or thread it on. Fish it horizontally or curl it into the hook shank on...
  • Maki Jamei Soft Plastics

    The brainchild of Clam pro-James Vladyka, the Jamei is a bug and shrimp imitator. “Thread the hook through the main body,” he says, “toward the twin tails. Make sure it’s...
  • Quick View Big Tooth Zero Fluoro Rig, Size 2, (Red) - ABO Outfitters Big Tooth Zero Fluoro Rig, Size 2, (Red) - ABO Outfitters
    Sale Price -50%

    Big Tooth Zero Fluoro Rig, Size 2, (Red)

    The ingenious sliding-treble-hook design of the Zero Rig cradles any size minnow in perfect swimming position. Fluorocarbon for walleyes and pressured pike in clear, shallow water. Stainless steel, nylon-coated black...
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