In the words of the great Wes Hanson, "If you want to max the sendo-meter and confidence-meter throw on the Green Lantern."

Do you like catching 54-inch muskies? Yeah, we do too! Check out this huge fish catch from ABO Outfitters team member Wes Hanson as he battles this beast after triggering it to bite in the figure 8 on the Bigtooth Tackle Juice Mini 8 Green Lantern! We believe one of the most significant components to being successful in the grind of musky fishing is percentages, the more time your bait is in the water, the higher the odds of getting bit. Pretty simple math right? Sit tight and watch this catch unfold on GoPro as Wes explains what his confidence bait is and why he feels he was able to hold this fish up for a quick picture before sending her back home.

#OwnYourMoment #Sendometer #LoveThechase #BigtoothTackle

To purchase the JUICE Mini 8, please click the link below!

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