Dunedin River Outfitters Dunedin is a family oriented outfitter business located in Northern British Columbia. We use our skills to provide the best possible service to our clients, as well...


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Dunedin River Outfitters

Dunedin is a family oriented outfitter business located in Northern British Columbia. We use our skills to provide the best possible service to our clients, as well as focus on the quality of hunts, rather than a large quantity of hunters. We support wildlife conservation efforts through the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia.

Morgan Sheppard is the General Manager and licensed British Columbia Guide of Dunedin River Outfitters. A Fort Nelson resident, who is originally from Newfoundland, he is passionate about hunting and fishing. A big game hunter with numerous successful hunts, Morgan is an outdoorsman with 20+ years backcountry experience.


The base cost includes:

 - Round trip transportation from Fort Nelson to the main lodge, and outpost camps. 

 - Food, accommodation and guide services.

 - Field care of meat, field-caping and pre-preparation of trophies.

 - Royalties on game taken.


When it comes to big game Dunedin offers our clients a variety of hunting styles: horseback, 4x4, ATV or Argo and river boat. Each style allows itself plenty of time to spot and stalk.


This style is very popular at Dunedin, hunting on horses allows the hunter to cover more area with relative ease. The horse does most the work while the hunter preserves energy. No need to be a skilled rider, if a hunter can sit firmly in the saddle, the horse does the rest.  We will teach you what is necessary to know.

4x4, ATV or Argo

These hunts are intended for individuals who prefer to hunt with relative ease and cover lots of ground in a day. Hunts are restricted to water holes, trails and old logging roads. Walking distance is contingent on the individual`s physical condition. These hunts are based out of the main lodge unless otherwise specified.

River Boat

This hunting style is an easy way to go. Boat hunts are for those that prefer a less strenuous hunt, and gives plenty of time to glass and take pictures. Depending on the season, distance and weather, overnight camping might be required at times.


Packs / Bags

- Internal frame pack with good waist belt

- Rain cover for pack

- Sleeping bag good to 20F 

- Back packers pillow (optional)

-Back pack gun carrier or equivalent (optional)


- 300 Magnums, 270, 30.06 etc.

- Trigger lock for transport (optional)

- Flash light and/or headlamp (lots of batteries)

- Wind proof lighter/matches

- Electric tape for rifle muzzle

- 50 rounds of ammunition

- Binoculars with strap (10x42 power)

- Multi-tool knife (Leatherman type)

- Hunting/skinning knife

- Range finder (optional)

- Mountaineering type boot

- Locking gun case (required)

- Walking stick (collapsible, optional)

- Extra shoelaces


- 4-7 pair underwear

- 4-7 pair wool/boot socks

- 2 pair sock liners

- Insulated hunting jacket/hooded for cold days/ later hunts, waterproof!

- 1-2 pair jeans/hunting pants

- Quality rain jacket/hood and pants (quiet type)

- 1 warm cap

- 1 ball cap or brimmed hat with necktie

- 2-3 light tee shirts

- 2 polar long johns shirts (light weight)

- 2 pair polar long john pants (light weight)

- 1 mountain pants (outer layer)

- 1 pair camp shoes (tennis shoes, crocs, etc)

- 2 pairs gloves (one for cold weather)

Meds and Hygiene

- 50 Advil Tablets (meds)

- Chap stick

- Sun screen

- Bug repellent

- Toothbrush and toothpaste

- Camp soap/shampoo

- Camp towel and wash cloth

- 30-60 wet wipes

- Blister kit (mole skins)

- Small first aid kit/tac powder

- Personal medication (plenty)

Other Gear

- Camera (small/digital)

- Extra battery/memory card

- 2 small duffle bags for gear

- Emergency blanket

- Tip $ (5% - 10% for crew)

- Reading (paperback/e-reader)

- Sat phone/ inreach (optional)

- Sunglass/cap

- Spotting scope

- Glacier socks

- Electrolyte packets

- Passport (current)

- Hunt Contract copy

- Firearms permit, unsigned